NiceLabel Designer Pro

The professional way to create error-free, compliant labels!

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Includes complete database support, user and document security and integration options. A wide range of features and options makes this a powerful, but easy-to-use tool for any labeling requirement.
. Complete database connectivity
. Advanced label design and printing tracking
. Linked fields and other data processing features
. Visual Basic scripting
. Batch printing supporting header/tail label
. Specialized bar code wizards for advanced compliance standards (HIBC, FACT, Transfer Syntax)
. RF ID smart label interface
. SAP R/3 export using native ITF format files
. User management
. Complete stand-alone printing support
. ActiveX programmer’s interface
. NicePrint: Easy-to-use print only module
. QuickPrint: Easy-to-use print only label selector
. NiceData: Database management module
. NiceMemMaster: Font and graphics download utility
. NicePrintQueue: module to control printers and print jobs on the local computer
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Professional software offers label designing and printing solutions with support for barcodes, databases, thermal transfer printers and open connectivity.